Written Works

MAGA 2020 & Beyond: The Anthology

What would the future be like if Trump really did ‘Make America Great Again’?

The new anthology from Superversive Press, addresses this question with a collection of stories, one of which is my new sci-fi book preview, the New Wall.

the new wall final

What if, in the future, Liberal Canada moves so far politically left people are dying to get out.

Meet tough US border patrol agent, Nor. Her mission: to protect the New Wall, a virtual shield that guards the US from Canadian refugees, most of them white, and the dangerous extremists hiding among them.


Thinking of Sending Your Kids to University? Think Again.

When we sent our daughter to University, we told her to change the world. The graduate who returned is unrecognizable (and not in a good way). This rant is my tongue-in-cheek essay covering the real educational agenda of many Universities today.

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