Life on the Left is too absurd to stay silent.

I am a Canadian writer from Vancouver, living and working in Hollywood. I used to be a Democrat but certainly no more. I’m still a liberal individualist but the Left has moved so far left, they have abandoned me. Nobody knows I’m no longer Leftist, and if they did, I’d be out of a job. So I stay silent. It’s not hard to evade detection because they assume that every normal, intelligent person in the entertainment industry must think just like they do.

I am surrounded by passionate, well-meaning Liberals that don’t realize the incessant virtue-signaling telegraphs their need to be morally superior. They mistakenly assume that anyone who doesn’t agree with them must be evil, not even considering that others may be just as well-meaning, but simply have a difference of opinion on how to successfully approach issues.

After Trump won the election I had to endure colleagues and friends showing up with black armbands of mourning. These grief-stricken ideologues were blind-sided because they believed their favorite liberal media channels like MSNBC and CNN. I knew there was a good chance Trump would win because I watch and read media from both sides of the aisle. I saw the crowds at his rallies; I listened to people with opposing viewpoints.

I used to be like the typical Liberal, but then the narrative began to unwind for me. It took a huge amount of evidence, though, and quite a lot of time, as I zealously clutched my Liberal identity. My blanket of goodness. After 911, I didn’t know anything about Islam so began to educate myself. One of the authors I read was Walid Phares. He said that after 911 he was watching a Middle Eastern talk show where two moderate clerics were arguing. He said that if you didn’t speak Arabic, like he does, you might think they were upset that such an awful attack had happened. But no, that’s not what they were saying. They were arguing about whether or not it had been the right time to attack the US in this way.  That was pretty shocking to read. After that, I read many more books on the subject and felt like I needed to warn other people there would be many more attacks. No one wanted to hear that from me and so I stopped. It was like it was just so counter to their essential ideology that all religions are the same they couldn’t even entertain the notion that Islamic extremists were common and dangerous, even if it was true.

As we all did, I grew accustomed to the horrific terror attacks over the years but it wasn’t until the the San Bernardino, CA attack occurred that I began to realize how tightly the mainstream media was controlling the narrative. I was watching CNN but they weren’t giving me much information on the shooter, so I began to flip around the channels. Fox News was reporting that it was indeed a terror attack by Islamists and they released the names of that murderous couple. I flipped back to CNN and they were still trying to tell me it was work place violence. I was stunned at the obvious agenda. I just wanted to hear the news—I didn’t want a news org to censor it for me.

Sometime later, for some unknown reason (perhaps I felt the need to virtue-signal), I reminded my middle school son that women have a much tougher go than men and don’t get paid as much for the same work. He disappeared for a half hour and emailed me three studies that proved my line was total BS. Man, I had been pedaling that line my whole life and then faced with the facts, that women often choose lower paying jobs because of various reasons, I decided to stop swallowing the victim agenda that Hilary was pedaling. I mean, she can’t be a savior if we don’t need one, right? What other liberal platitudes had I swallowed?

This was a tough year emotionally. My Dad died and after going through his effects, found out he’d been leading a double life and was a promiscuous,  adulterous, gay man (stiff cock-no conscience I think is the way my apparent step-mother, Richard, explained it), which would have been fine had he not worked so freaking hard to keep the truth from everyone. Then my daughter decided she wasn’t my daughter anymore (nor my son) because of the indoctrination she’d been exposed to at her University. I’m not anti-trans. I know there are people that truly don’t identify with their biological gender, but my daughter is not one of them. Not because she’s my daughter, but because she is a gullible, easily manipulated person with questionable comprehension skills, who has a penchant for trying on the latest, edgy ideology. OK, sure. So the 20s are the age to experiment. I’m sure there is a lot more coming down the pipe.When she abandons this one and shows up sporting a hijab, I’ll let you know.

I was getting lectured from my millennial about white privilege and other such group identity silliness, and at the same time finding out my Dad was an extreme Left wing hypocrite. So you bet I started to read and listen and find out what had happened to my beloved Liberal movement.

I came across Dr. Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist and Professor at the University of Toronto. His explanations about Post Modernism made a lot of sense to me. He echoed how I felt, but he could so eloquently voice what I could not.  I have since  continued my education by listening to others such as Gad Saad and Christina Hoff Sommers and am currently reading The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Everywhere I look around me I see Liberals that have a holier than thou chip on their shoulders and I guess I used to be that way which makes me as gullible and easily manipulated as my daughter. When I ask my Liberal friends about their reasoning on various issues (carefully lest I reveal I’m not part of their Groupthink), I find they really have no solid reasoning. They just ‘know’ they are right.

What I see is a Left that has moved so far to the left, they are no longer liberal at all, but have become authoritarian like the extreme Right. Many are now hate-filled bigots, that will happily destroy America rather than work with the sitting President as long as it fulfills their superior ideology.

I’d like to ask Meryl Streep if her condemnation of the President did anyone any good. I’d rather see her negotiate runaway Hollywood production with him so the little people, you know, the ones who make her fucking movies for her,  could find work. Instead, Hollywood has alienated President Trump and now he doesn’t give a shit about us. Thanks, Meryl.

The establishment Left had real issues it was tackling back in the 60s and 70s but obviously was unable to stop the activism when we reached the point of ‘pretty fucking good’. Now they and the new Left Lefters are trying to justify their existence with ridiculous causes and witch hunts.

It’s been frustrating to stay silent in the face of the old and new Lefts and one day I won’t, but for now (while I need my livelihood) this blog is my outlet.

Thanks for reading,

Molly P.